Monday, August 18, 2008

Fictionwise Make a Wise Move

We have written many times about Smartphones and the convergence of technology and applications to this platform. The recent iPhone application program demonstrated that there were both developers queuing to bring applications to the phone and users ready to use them.

We now read in Publishers Weekly that ebook retailer Fictionwise not only jumped the queue when it released the first version of a free ebook reader for the iPhone devices but that it has been installed on 130,000 devices and generated 35,000 bought downloads.

The eReader has already been upgraded to a version 1.1 and now enables users to download books from any site that sells or offers e-books in the eReader PDB (Palm Database) format. The new features include ‘ reverse-video’ or white text on black background, along with lock screen orientation both aimed at helping readers at night lying on their sides in bed! Watch at

They now plan another upgrade this month with yet more features. We can soon expect them enable users to purchase eBooks from or right from their iPhone or iPod touch device.

This sort of enterprise move is what is great about the digital revolution. It is not down to the Gorillas to squash and own the market but smaller and more nimble companies to capture the imagination.

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