Monday, April 07, 2008

Litopia - A New Voice in Publishing

Its weird listening to one’s own voice and what you say and how you talk. Last Friday I was invited to participate in a live podcast by Litopia which goes out every Friday night at 8 pm GMT. You approach it as if you were on a stage on a panel, answering questions and giving thoughts straight from the hip, but its different as you can't see the audience nor your felow panelists. It is also on record and everyword is captured and available, to what is becoming a growing audience of people who play the download after the event.

Litopia is run by Peter Cox a literary agent with a big difference and one who is certainly pushing the boundaries and asking the questions right across the industry. This week it main subject was ‘The Money Issue - How will Authors Survive in the Digital Future?’ and the panel was authors, Brian Clegg, Dave Bartram and myself.

I will not attempt to cover the vast ground we discussed from Amazon print on demand, HarperCollins new author venture, the recent press coverage on author earnings and much much more. Sixty plus minutes of lively and searching debate, over a Skype conference is not new, but this was certainly a new experience.

Please visit Litopia listen to the podcast and hopefully enjoy some of the debate.

Peter has Kate Pullinger taking part on 9th May and having interviewed and written a blog on her, she certainly is someone we recommend you listen to.