Thursday, November 08, 2007

Keep on Running

This year 38,000 runners started the New York marathon. The press may have focused on the achievements of Paula Radcliffe and other front runners but among the rest was a 47 year old, Andre Ditto who was on his own personal mission. Unfortunately Andre was forced to quit after 17 miles due to a fall and swelling knee and you may well ask why we mention it at all?

Andre ran wearing a backpack loaded with 30 lbs. of textbooks and was sponsored by CaféScribe ( to pay for a year's worth of textbooks for his daughter, Blaize Buckley, a biology major at Howard University. Ditto, choose for his pack "Art History," at 1,292 pages, "Principles of Economics" (896 pages), "Introduction to Drama" (1,872 pages), and "Essentials of Marketing" (576 pages) the equivalent in weight to 16 bricks!

CaféScribe who sell ebooks, sponsored Ditto to highlight that the adoption of electronic textbooks would both reduce costs and be easier on the back as well. So who will carry the torch and who will sponsor the load in London next year?