Thursday, November 08, 2007


It would appear that the world of James Bond is available to all. The array of devices may not all be a sophisticated as Q’s but the range is sufficient for the average spy. Having written so much about mobile technology and its pervasive nature and growth it is interesting today to read about another device that is freely available to buy – the cellphone jammer.

As a prankster or grumpy old man, you can at a flick of a switch silence all those around you. Imagine silence on the train and bus, or when you are enjoying you latte or eating a meal. No more having to listen to the most numbing of dull conversations. As a owner of a store you can now fully engage with the customer and not vie for their attention with someone in their ear. However as with everything the good can also be bad. It can block out emergency calls and other important calls.

London based that claims to ship around 400 jammers a month to the US.