Thursday, November 22, 2007

The 40% Broadband Challenge

The Uk has established a clear divide between the connected and the unconnected this divide shows little sign of change according to information gathered by National Statistics (ONS) for September. A staggering nine out of 10 UK net users are connect via broadband services whereas only a far back as 2003 8 out of ten connected by dail-up and only 17% had broadband access.

The statistics show that almost 50% of broadband connections are for services advertised at two megabits per second or faster. So fuelling the video and high bandwidth services.

However the divide between the haves and the unconnected is a challenge with around 10 million homes with no net access and sticking. It is estimated that this is around 40% of Uk households and clearly presents a challenge to information and economic progress and opportunities.