Monday, February 25, 2013

What determines the device and format of music?

Some will say that the tipping point comes when the sales hit a certain level. But is that just the result and what drives consumers to change from eight track to Cassette and from that to CD and from CD to MP3 streamed?
Some 15 years ago we couldn’t understand why many cars were still being fitted with cassettes and forcing us to keep cassettes alive. A good friend and media guru, Trev Huxley, told us that the key was simple and the day the car hire firms started to demand CD players in their standard specification the game was over. At that point the car manufacturers fit them as standard in all cars and the old devices, format and collection become obsolete.
We then went through the CD player and the frustration of having to cart CD around and often find the one we wanted to play in the house was in the car. We dreamt of the day we could play music on demand and not have to carry CD around with us or plug in our collection through a iPod or smartphone.  
Now,  Spotify is coming to every Ford with a Sync AppLink infotainment system, joining Pandora, Slacker, Amazon Cloud Player, MOG and Rhapsody, among others. The subscription service will be available in every Applink-equipped Ford later this year in both the United States and Europe. It significantly increases the attraction to subscribe and listen to and share music on demand and when the car rental guys wake up…

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