Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google is now going after the music business

It is rumoured that a new Google service will offer digital track and album downloads à la iTunes, on a per-track or per-album basis and also a "digital locker" streaming service allowing users a $25 per year subscription to online access to their music library via desktops or mobile devices. Any tracks purchased via the download option would also have those tracks automatically added to the locker as well.

It is claimed that Google also wants a license to allow users to listen to a full-length preview of any song once, after which they would be limited to 30-second previews and will enable users to create playlists that they can share with friends that would allow them to listen to each track in the playlist once before being limited to 30-second previews.

Google clearly are after the media space and to offer media on demand albeit books, music and of course video via YouTube

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