Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sykpe and Facebook to Join Forces?

Imagine the largest social network site joining forces with the largest VOIP provider and the boost that both will get in connecting peoplei every way!

The dots will soon be joined if the partnership, according to All Things Digital, between Facebook and Skype happens. It is claimed that the companies will integrate functions enabling users to call and SMS Facebook friends from Skype, Skype will integrate Facebook Connect and users will be able to video chat with Facebook friends.

Skype claims some 124 million active users and 560 million registered users, while Facebook claims over 500 million users. The geographical strengths of each service will also create further growth for both. It also enables Facebook to gain better leverage in the mobile market. It certainly looks both a logical and win win relationship.

The user will gain free Skype basic services and free Facebook with revenue being created from click-through ad revenue and in licensing.

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