Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Let There Be Light

There are pros and cons to all technology and what many view as a big plus often is seen by others as a downside. Today we now see attachments for eInk readers that compensate for its perceived greatest strength its lack of a back-light. We can see clearly in the sun, on the beach, on the street and under the full glare of the sun but we can’t see that well in a dark environment.

So for between 20 to 30 this can be fixed with a simple light or even a torch held between the teeth! Whatever you use remember to pack it in the travel case!

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Unknown said...

For the first time I saw a commuter on the DLR in London reading from a Kindle. It didn't look right - it looked awkward and difficult to change pages. I still want a read - if only for research purposes of course!