Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wal Mart Buys Into TVOIP

The Internet is now stepping up to streaming video and film, mobiles are able to play them and TVs are becoming wired to use this new delivery. Many have already exploited TVOIP technology (we just made that up – TV Over The Internet). So why have satalite when you can get TV and video over the Internet?

News now breaks that WalMart is acquiring Vudu, an online movie service that is being built into TVs and Blu-ray players. Research firm iSuppli, which estimates that over 60% of high-definition televisions will connect to the Internet by 2013. A combination of Wal Mart and Vudu could boost sales of TVOIP ready televisions and players.

Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster all offer online TVOIP movie stores and Apple sells movies and TV in its iTunes.

What we are starting to see is a sea change from the days we all bought VHS tapes, then DVD discs to TV and video on demand over the Internet. This is the same shift we see starting in music where players such as Last FM and Spotify are rewriting the rules. We are bound to see the same with other media and even the bookshelf is finally being threatened.

Remember that Amazon was first seen by many as a bookstore but in fact it was building a consumer channel capable of selling anything. Wal Mart are now building an integrated TVOIP which could connect them to many households and of course sell anything.

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VoIP Phone said...

I’m interested to see what the technology is that they’ve spent so much to purchase.