Thursday, September 06, 2007

Customised Childrens Books

HarperCollins together with publishing partner Penwizard are working with Noddy license-owner Chorion to launch printed "books on demand" with the first personalised books for children's favourite, Noddy. Consumers will be able to personalise characters and text in books ordered online and also choose from three Noddy adventures to create a book online at They can include a child's name, hairstyle and colour, eye colour and skin tone to create an image of the child within the book. They can also add a personal message and it can be printed in several languages.

Not only can you configure your own Noddy book but there are other stories too! Personally I tried the football story. I entered my name, my club and configured the image in the right shirt (blue and white stripes, black shorts, whites socks. Then I had to name the manager and two players and select and image for all plus a message. Then presented at checkout to but. Drat I couldn’t see what I was buying, not even a ‘browse inside’ standard look and feel. I didn’t know how many pages, what the story was about. Drat at £15 I can live without the fantasy! But it looks a great idea and certainly an interesting experiment to follow.