Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Howlin' Wolf

What’s that noise? Is it a Beluga Whale, or a Boreal Owl, or maybe a Yosemite Toad? Maybe it’s the new ringtone from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Whilst the music world is starting to grapple with their new ‘ringles’. A new industry initiative to engage with their audience through combined singles and ringtones, others have clearly gone for something a little more unique and green.
Ringles are expected sold as a CD with a slip-sleeve cover containing three songs. The songs will be a hit and maybe remix and an older track and importantly one ringtone. The idea is encourage consumers to buy singles in the store as well as ringtones and enable stores to get involved in the ringtone phenomenon. So far the ringle inventor, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group are going to be the first to market and Sony plans to release 50 titles during October and November, while UMG will have up to 20 titles available.

Meanwhile back in the jungle, the Centre for Biological Diversity will let consumers download the haunting hoots, sensational songs and crazy croaks of endangered species from around the world to your mobile phone, for free. You can also download free wallpapers and screensavers. This is a great way to raise the awareness of the current plight of many endangered species.

Who wants a ringle when you can have a special noise that will certainly make everyone else wonder exactly what’s in your pocket and who's ringing you?