Sunday, July 22, 2007

Think about the reader

Facebook continues to grow and the Telegraph reported that some 150,000 people in the UK are joining each day! In 3 years the site has grow to support 30 million worldwide and 3.2 million UK users. It is claimed that the average Briton spends some 15.8 hours a week online and that half the all broadband users spend on average 3 hours a week on these new social sites such as Facebook.

However, The Times report that one in five companies in the UK have logged on to these social sites. Is it to gauge the social web 2.0 demographic, or to advertise their product, or promote their brand? The Times gave us the interesting insight that it was in fact to vet potential employees!

Think about it, people often express their deepest thoughts on many subjects thinking that it is just them being able to freely express their feelings and share these with others. If we all did it then the head-hunter’s job would be very easy. They could quickly find out more about us than we would ever dream of disclosing in an interview or on a cv.

Puts a different slant on Big Brother.