Thursday, July 05, 2007

Saga Silver Surfers

It was interesting to read in the Bookseller this week that publishers are missing out on the Saga Silver Surfers.

As Publisher potentially lurch from one demographic to another it appears that just like with Classics, what goes around comes around and the grey market is the next best thing. Anyone who has read the statistics on internet adoption, broadband connectivity, or visited a bookstore or library will be able to tell you this.

Reaching this audience is getting easier and harder. They may be getting switched on but they are also discerning and probably will not be on Facebook, MySpace and definitely not Bebo. They are also becoming discerning in giving away their email address and responding to direct marketing slush mail. The Brave New World report last year said that the silver surfers were an obvious Book buying audience.

So yes the content needs to be appropriate by why are we covering something that is so obvious as news?