Monday, July 09, 2007

Mine's bigger than yours

The University of Berlin, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Italy, have managed to work out how to store 500GB of data on a regular HD DVD or Blu-ray disc. This is effectively 100 times as much data! They even claim that storage could go to 1TB!This haS allowed for an increase of the storage capacity far beyond the limits of today's red-laser DVDs and next-generation blue-laser discs.

The Microholas project developed a microholographic recording technique, using nanostructures inside the disk rather than on the surface as in conventional optical storage systems.I didn't understand it eiother but the results are significant.

Storage is becoming cheaper and an acapable way of storing much more than ever. In addition it is becoming more designer! Only this last month I got a ICY BOX a 100 MB external hard drive, a polished steel designer small device that was delivered in a leather pocket sized wallett to fit any inside pocket! Forget the memory stick, I bet we will be carry our total hard disk on a chip soon.