Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amazon.com And You're Done

I remember in the late 90s siting in a strategy board meeting, where one director predicted that Bertlesmann would ‘crush ‘ Amazon and that the company would not last at the level of losses is was making. I tried to explain global branding, customer service, and how retail operations can work on positive cash flow, but I only got a glazed look in return. The outcome is now history.

It is hardly surprising to find that the media that Amazon started with, books, is one that they cover so well. It is the width and depth of Amazon’s book vision and commitment that makes it different. They proved themselves adept in understanding the market’s weaknesses and seizing on opportunities. As a result Amazon is truly vertical.

Who else has a significant if not major share of:

Physical books - Sales over the internet now includes The Book Depository and ABE acquisitions. Amazon remain one of a few who openly sell new books alongside, bargain, second hand and rare. They understand that to a consumer, a book is a book and that bookselling is about selling all books, not just front list.

Ebooks - Amazon not only rekick started the ebook market, but drove the consumer adoption of eink readers and later platforms. Although they still own Mobi, it is somewhat languishing in the background and we are not sure what happened to that other acquisition, Lexcycle’s Stanza reader. They have however created a market leading and global Kindle brand, which now transcends the device itself.

POD – Amazon acquired Booksurge. Although POD never fulfilled its potential to change the model from print and distribute, to distribute and print, Amazon still acquire content through this channel and it has also established their appeal to many authors.

Audiobooks – Amazon has this base covered with market leading and aptly named Audible.

Marketplace – Amazon’s service pulls in retailers, wholesalers and publishers and creates a place where Amazon may not be the cheapest but they still gets a healthy slice of the takings from each sale. A very clever move to create a service which everyone has to be in.

Singles - Amazon Singles may still be a bit lost but could easily find a home in their new Washington Post offer.

Digital Library – The Amazon owner lending library creates a new lending model which offers the consumer a new service and the author additional new income.

This is all without KDP and its successful self-publishing arm and also Amazon’s now serious and potentially disruptive moves into being a publisher. Did we forget that Kindle brand? Did we forget that umbrella subscription service, Prime?

To achieve the above in less than 20 years and do so across the globe is significant. Together it shows a clinical understanding of the value chain, book sectors and its supply chain that has to be admired. Amazon is truly a category killer.

Now add LoveFilm video streaming and DVD rentals, a very healthy CD Rom music retail offer and music downloads, the Washington Post, Amazon’s new Art offer and we see a media conglomerate that has subtly moved in and picked the industry’s ‘low hanging fruit’.

We must not forget all the other Amazon businesses. The range of goods it now sells is diverse and generates significant revenues. Here it services the same consumers through a single marketplace portal, offering a true one stop shop, or ‘Walmart on the internet’.

Then we have the technology that underpins all their services and like their cloud and web services are now being retailed in its own right. 

Amazon is here and is here to stay.

As long as they continue to provide that comprehensive cover, service and one stop shop, they will not be dislodged. Some may want to be number two or three, but it’s like chasing rabbits and their future will be determined more by Amazon’s actions and their ability to merely track them. We now need to learn to survive in an Amazon world. To do so we must innovate and do things differently and smarter and in doing so recognise that only the agile survive a category killer.  

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