Wednesday, May 07, 2008

iRex to Launch new eBook Reader

Special edition aimed at the book market

iRex Technologies, the Dutch spin-off from Royal Philips Electronics and ebook pioneer is introducing a , iLiad Book Edition, an ebook reader aimed at the book market. They have reduced the price and simplified it from the previous iLiad.

The new iLiad Book Edition will be available for sale beginning 9 May at a cost of €499 and as many comes pre-loaded with 50 English classic works and 8 gigabytes of extendable memory. The screen allows ease of reading with close to a 180°viewing angle. Userscan make notes on the pages and can transfer these to a PC and also share them with friends and colleagues.

Over 50,000 titles, are available to buy via Mobipocket, the e-book format from

Will the iRex be better than the Sony? When will Sony announce their upgrade to accomadate epub? Will users choose epub with Sony or Mobi with iRex and the Kindle? We live in interesting times.