Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is Facebook Fatally Wounded?

Imagine you put all your details into Facebook and were one of the millions who backed the social site over the others. Just like Gordon Brown the days are getting longer the news worse and the whole world seems to be unravelling in front of Zuckerberg’s eyes. The speed of decay within a fickle market who are always expecting something better is in the wings, is alarming.

For a social media company, they failed to understand the first thing about communication; through their arrogance they have alienated the press. The bad press extends from the blogosphere to mainstream media and bad press is causing advertisers to vote with their feet and jump ship. It didn’t have a safe adult at the helm offering experience guile and stewardship and appears to be operating its way out of its mess like a child in a chocolate factory.

In weeks Facebook has turned all the people who supported it into a mob begging for blood. It’s gone from media darling to devil, from the place to be the place not to be. It is fast becoming the Northern Rock of the social networks but doesn’t appear to have a ‘white knight’ in the wings.