Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i am not OLD!!!!

What does the aged, or the infirm, or the visually impaired want form a mobile phone? The new Life phone believe that it is the answer. It has been designed with those people in mind and strips down the extras we now all expect.

There is no camera, no music player and in there place there is a loud speaker tuned for those who are either partially sighted or use a hearing aid, a big screen and buttons. The phone can also hold up to five emergency numbers which can be activated by pressing a big red button. The screen has an orange backlight to help those with failing sight and the loudspeaker and extra strong vibrator can be set to help those who are hard at hearing.

Is it right? Well the only thing we can guarantee we will see lots of it in those mail order inserts, Sunday newspaper adverts featuring well know aged actors and of course direct mail from Saga.