Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking News: GBS delayed 4 months

The good news has broken that Judge Denny Chin has granted a 4 month not two month delay on the Google settlemet. Click to read the notice

Let's hope that people now start to discuss the issues and we get the right result for publishing, authors and consumers.

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Michael W. Perry said...

I'm one of the authors who requested this four-month extension. If you'd like a copy of the letter to the judge from our law firm, DeVore & Demarco, you can find it at InklingBooks dot com

Note from a footnote on the first page that Google's willingness to accept a two-month extension arose after they were told of our intent to file. This letter and their letter were filed on Friday. The following Monday a letter from a group of academic writers prepared by a law professor at the University of California-Berkeley asked for a six-month extension. The court accepted our extension, midway between the two.

Documents filed with U.S. federal courts are expected to follow certain formats, which vary from state to state. A good letter would need to be prepared by an experienced attorney, but this one should provide an example of the proper form.

Of particular importance for those outside the U.S. are the copyright treaty obligations involved in this dispute. It's difficult to imagine how a district court could set aside those treaties.