Friday, July 18, 2008

Sell Students Stuff is one of those ventures that is simple and hits you like a brick when you see it. Set up as a student social network site it did what it said on the tin and sold students books. These were used text books and obviously were a hit. They also recognised that students had other needs, dating, meeting other students, accommodation and used laptops . The result is a first class example of what a social network site should be about – a community and their basic interests.

Its ironic that this week extended their reach with selling ebooks. Not downloads but online subscriptions. After all they can better meet the student’s needs and that’s what SSB is all about. Available via and the offer shows enterprise and flair.

The have even gone one step further in teaching others the basics in that they don’t store the files merely handle the transactions and the student interface. Today they have some 20,000 Taylor and Francis titles available to their audience via Digital Drop Ship.

At a time when misconceived social book sites stumble these guys are certainly remaining focused and demonstrating what social networks and commerce are about.
Well done.

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Anonymous said...

I think you've been a bit too kind to them. I've used them before to sell some uni books, but found their commission structure VERY expensive!!

The best sites for me have been Liverpool Student Books where they charge no commission and (as they seem to have loads of users but commission is also a bit high).