Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gardners announces the creation of a new ‘Digital Warehouse’

Press Release - Thursday 12th April 2007

Gardners Books is pleased to announce the creation of a new ‘Digital Warehouse’ designed to provide a comprehensive range of e-commerce services for booksellers and publishers. The combination of Gardners existing ‘physical’ warehouse services, coupled with the new ‘digital’ services will provide both booksellers and publishers with a unique service for today and tomorrows booktrade.

Gardners Digital Warehouse will supply the capability for Publishers to link their existing digital files, eBooks, Audio Downloads, and extended bibliographic content such as ‘search inside’ to Gardners Books range of Internet and high street retailers. Publishers can also utilise a range of digitisation services designed to enable any size of Publisher to create digital content economically and to use it for publicity and eBook sales with all of Gardners customers.

For Gardners customers our new Digital Warehouse will provide the same ‘single channel solution’ for the supply and fulfilment of digital material including the sale of eBooks as our physical warehouse has done since 1986. The combination of both a physical and digital warehousing facility will enable any high street retailer to provide the most comprehensive range of on line and high street services at a very economical price.

“Our aim is to ensure all our high street retailers can participate in selling eBooks, audio downloads alongside physical books, and utilise the newly developing extended bibliographic information and internet trading experiences which are increasingly available to support more traditional selling opportunities” states Bob Jackson, Commercial Director at Gardners Books.

Christoph Chesher, Group Sales Director, Taylor and Francis Group comments, “Taylor & Francis wholeheartedly welcomes the advent of the Gardners Wholesaler eBook Service which effectively provides the capacity for any traditional bookseller, no matter how large or small, to operate a web based eBook site and to list and sell eBooks from the world’s leading publishers. Further, we are delighted to confirm that we have reached agreement with Gardners for the Wholesaler eBook Service to host and sell our full list of more than 16,500 Routledge and Taylor & Francis titles. “

Further details will be announced at The London Book Fair at Earl’s Court.
Please visit Gardners Books - Stand G150
Contact Details: Bob Jackson - Commercial Director Simon Morley - Buying Director