Thursday, November 16, 2006

Digital Content will sell all Books

Today we read about Random House’s new promotional preview for Thomas Harris’s his long-awaited novel Hannibal Rising. They plan to post chapter six of the book at in both print form and as an audio file read by Harris. This is the third third in the Hannibal series and chronicles the early life of Harris’ infamous character Dr Hannibal Lecter.
So what is different and what is exciting about this promotion?
It is not the first to be promoted this way and certainly will not be the last and shows us that digitization offers far more than ebooks. It is about also changing the way in which publishers can use digital content and the Internet to market both to the channel and direct to consumers. Digital Content is the richest form of bibliographic record and in having it publishers can not only promote digital products but physical ones too. Remember only ten years ago, it was often impossible to see a picture of the jacket well expect more “browse inside”, audio clips and even video clips.
Why should publishers digitize today? The answer is simple – because it enables them to reach and respond to what is a changing marketplace and demanding consumer.

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