Friday, November 06, 2009

More eInk and Chips Please

Its Friday so it has to be more eInk and Chips!

Last month we wrote about eink and chips and Freescale Technologies teaming up with eink to move functionality onto their chips. Now fellow chip maker Marvell is announcing a new ARM-based microprocessor tailored for the eBook market. The chip again will further reduce the cost of eBook eInk readers. Marvell claims that it has been able to cut about 15% of the costs of an eBook system as well as provide improved productivity in turning pages in less than a second. Marvell’s new Armada family of processors will now include the Armada 166E, which will run at over a gigahertz and is based on the Armada 100 series chip designs.

The original Amazon Kindle used a Marvell chip, but was replaced on the later Kindle with a Freescale chip. However, Entourage will use the Marvell device in its ‘Edge’ and another Marvell customer is the long awaited Plastic Logic Que eBook reader.

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