Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are Symbian’s Days numbered?

Symbian once ruled to mobile waves and was the operating system used by the major players. Then Nokia acquired it and ‘opened it up for all’

The problem was all the new players had their own systems and these were better. Blackberry, Apple and Palm all started to show the direction then there was the dark horse Android. Now even Nokia appear to be backing many horses; Symbian, Linux, and Windows. Microsoft themselves have realise that they must reinvent themselves to survive and Google have clearly captured the world outside Apple.

Now Samsung have hammered another nail in the Symbian coffin in launching their BADA mobile platform ,which means "ocean", to underpin its application offer. Samsung phones will be using Android for high-end consumers and retaining Windows Mobile as it still has the edge in the enterprise, while the new Bada platform will fill that mid-range feature-phone market. Many of the Bada details have still to be disclosed, but it is likely to support widget-based applications similar to the Palm's Pre.

The underlying story still remains – Symbian appears to be losing influence, support and backers.

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