Friday, November 06, 2009

The iPlayer is Coming to TV

A few years ago we all had to have a VHS player, then a DVD player and some made it as far as Blueray, but streaming the Internet and consolidation is changing this. Why buy when you ‘click and get’, why record when you can get relays on demand? The world of broadcasting is rapidly changing and in a few years we have gone from a TV with many boxes to potentially an all in one box. Anyway we just want a nice flat wall mount screen and don’t want wall mounted boxes.

The highly successful BBC iPlayer service has already announced limited overseas support which will make overnight business trips a lot more palatable! Now, from the end of this month they will launch a limited TV service with a full services planned on the Freesat platform early next year. It will enable viewers the opportunity to catch up on programmes not on their computers but on the TV in their living room. No more having to huddle around the PC and carry it through into the living room.

The Freesat subscription-free satellite TV service joint venture between the BBC and ITV, already gives viewers access to more than 140 television and radio channels will now offer even more. Already users on not just PCs but Sony's PlayStation 3 games console and Nintendo's Wii users are able to access iPlayer services.

Some may say that the BBC should focus on its programming others that services such as iPlayer are correctly focusing on their customers needs and access to content is as important as the content itself.

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