Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spotify Continues to Grow Announcing Libspotify

We have been strong supporters of Spotify, which lets us play music on-demand and share playlists for free if you don’t mind the 20 second advert every 30 minutes. It makes more sense to listen to what you want when you want where you want rather than buying loads of tracks most of which sit dormant on the drive like the CDs on a shelf. Its somewhat strange to be ahead of the curve in the UK and Europe but Spotify certainly is one step ahead of the game and clearly states where music is going. All four major labels and indie consortiums The Orchard, Merlin and CD Baby already allow Spotify to play their music in an increasing number of European countries.

We reported on the recent move to team up with 7Digital to offer purchasing of downloads.

However its getting a whole lot better with the news on the launch of libspotify which gives developers the ability to build services on its platform using an API and port Spotify to a variety of different devices . We could be talking Spotify on mobile phones, XBoxes, PlayStations, TVs, networked audio players and any other place developers want to put it.

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