Thursday, April 09, 2009

37 Countries Negotiating a Anti Piracy Trade Deal

Last week the French Assembly passed a law that forces ISPs to disconnect those suspected of illegally sharing copyright infringing material on the ‘three strikes and out’ policy. reported today 'US outlines secretive international piracy deal' on details of a process aimed at involving ISPs (internet service providers) in fighting copyright infringement and pirated material crossing borders, has been released by the US Government.

Thirty-seven countries are negotiating a new worldwide trade deal which was originally initiated by the US and Japan in 2006 and now includes Australia, Canada, the European Commission and the EU's 27 member states, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland. ACTA ( Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has been keep quiet until now but has been disclosed as part of Barack Obama's commitment to transparency in government.

The Treaty aims to harmonise what scale of activity needs to be reached before infringement becomes criminal, and what rights authorities will have to destroy material.

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