Monday, April 20, 2009

Healy to Head Google Settlement Book Registry

So what did we learn today at the London Book Fair?

First the news that appears to be circulating that our ex pat from the UK, Michael Healy of BISG, is to head up the Book Bank Registry. Sounds a good move for Michael, who certainly knows the issues and understands the challenges. We presume the job presume is dependant on a green light in June and wish him well.

Why would we do that if we oppose the settlement you ask?

Well, whether it happens or not we hope the BRR happens. The industry needs it and a rights business with no registry is questionable.

The other interesting insight is just how many people we speak to today are only partially aware of the settlement and its potential impact. They appear to be talking more about articles they have read in the broadsheets than coverage in the trade.
The debate is at last starting and we hope not too late.

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