Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mobile UK News

From 1st May anyone with a Skype friendly handset on the 3 network can make as many Skype calls and speak as long as they want. We already have used the service for the last two years and talk every day to India, the US and Australia for free. 3’s attitude towards VOIP and Skype is a breath of fresh air and even if you aren’t a 3 customer you can buy a 3 sim card for a £1.99 for a compatible unlocked handset, download the Skype client and you are connect to everyone on Skype around the world!
These moves are important as they turn the VOIP pressure on others and act as clear differentiator to anyone who makes lots of international calls or whose friends use Skype.

Another UK operator, Orange, has unveiled the UK's cheapest touchscreen smartphone for unbelievable price tag. The Vegas is sold as a pay as you go handset and available either in black or in pink, is one of the lightest and smallest smartphones weighing only 84g and looks very, similar to the HTC Touch, which interestingly costs a lot more. It has a 2.4-inch touchscreen with a 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3, integrated FM radio, a built-in browser and compatibility with microSD cards up to 4GB to complement the 64MB onboard memory. Yes and all for £49!

The downside is that the Vegas doesn't support 3G but at £49 does that really matter?

After its big launch, MusicAlly claims that Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ has only attracted 23,000 subscribers for the free music download service. So what is the issue after all Nokia is the biggest mobile manufacturer, the music is free and all you need is a 5310 and N95 8GB handset. Nokia is having a hard time and maybe Comes With Music isn’t a the issue. Maybe its Nokia and the old units chosen to use the service. If they widen the units who can use the service it may pick up but it can hardly be breaking even on the money that Nokia thas to pay for the licences and to run the service.

The LG GD900 Crystal will be available from July. It has a new design - a see-through tempered glass keypad design with 'cool glow' and the keypad also transforms itself into a laptop style mouse pad that offers easy web browsing and navigation and tops this with a handwriting recognition feature! LG is also offering its 3D-style interface and is hoping it can create a new design buzz.

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