Thursday, March 26, 2009

eBay Offers the Sale of the Century eBooks?

We came upon an ‘ebook’ offer that was so powerful and compelling it would be a no-brainer to many but was so unbelievable we drew back. To say it smelt funny was an understatement let’s look at the offers:

Stephen King Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 88 ebooks £6.99
John Grisham Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 18 ebooks. PDF. £11.99
Kathy Reichs Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 11 Ebooks. £4.29
Anne Rice Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 28 ebooks. £4.29
Charlaine Harris Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 34 ebooks £4.29
Michael Crichton Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 13 ebooks £4.29
Laurell K Hamilton Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 25 ebooks £4.29
Mary Balogh Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 53 ebooks £4-29
Clive barker Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 24 ebooks £4.29
Patricia Cornwell Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 18 ebooks £4.29
Bernard Cornwell Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 10 ebooks £4.29
Jeffery Deaver Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 26 ebooks £4.29
Robert Ludlam Ebook Cd-Rom, Sony eReader 25 ebooks £4.29

The description
for sale a Bernard Cornwell Ebook Cd-Rom.
The Ebooks are in PDF, Suitable for the Sony E-Reader and laptops, Pc's Etc,
Postage and packaging is free (well 0.01p!)
SPECIAL OFFER! Buy 2 collections get 1 free or buy 5 collections and get 3 free! let us know what free collections you want when you purchase.
The books included are as follows:-
Bernard Cornwell - Alfred the Great - Pale Horseman
Bernard Cornwell - Grail Quest 1 - Harlequin
Bernard Cornwell - Grail Quest 3 - Heretic
Bernard Cornwell - Saxon 01 - The Last Kingdom
Bernard Cornwell - Stonehenge
Bernard Cornwell - The Grail Quest - 2 - Vagabond
Bernard Cornwell - The Lords Of The North
Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 1 - Winter King
Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 2 - Enemy of God
Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 3 - Excalibur

Payment is with paypal only.

Where was this offer of the century - eBay

We then sent an email to the Publishers Association who say they are getting this stuff taken down regularly with eBay. So we went to and typed in ‘ebooks’ then select ‘fiction’ and found there were lots of the same stuff and much more from different vendors.

We had a look at which was the same even some of the same offers and even some offered on download not CD!

If these are genuine then they are bargains if however they are not it would seriously question how they are created but more importantly how eBay can allow clearly questionable items to be sold. We saw eBay being found out the other week on BBC Watchdog for allowing illegal knives to be sold its time they were openly confronted over this stuff before it gets out of hand .

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