Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mobile and iPhone Growth

Its interesting that on the same day we read that O2, who own the exclusive contract on iphones in the UK, is reporting that it has sold a million iPhones in the UK. O2's iPhone sales helped it get 390,000 new users in the last quarter of 2008 and now gives it 19.5 million total users on its network. Despite the current economic climate, O2 expects the growth in the smartphone market to continue throughout 2009. Given the number of new smartphones, the new applications and the positive consumer perceptions its easy to agree.

According to The International Telecommunication Union, a UN agency, who survey activity in 154 countries around 60% of the world's population now use mobile phones. That is some 4.1 billion mobile-phone annual subscriptions and an fourfold increase from 2002. They also report internet usage is now at approximately 23% of the world's population, up from 11% in 2002.

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