Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nokia To Make Laptops?

When first heard the rumour we had to draw breath but given all the PC manufacturers are moving into the Smartphone market why not the smart phone makers produce laptops?

In an interview with Finnish broadcaster YLE, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said his company was "looking very actively" at the laptop market.

The laptop and notebook marketplace is getting mighty crowded as is the smartphone one. So are Nokia to do it alone or team up with someone and cover both bases? Do they push Symbian or adopt a more recognised operating system?

Will we son see a world where we have docking bays for the smartphone which give it a big screen, mega hard drive storage and access to faster memory and cache, a hub that enables many other plug and play components to be attached, but when you undock you have you notebook to go. It can’t be far away and if we look back over just the last few years its easy to see much of the future even today. The benefit over today is to achieve the full interoperability with maybe three devices covering all our needs all using interchangeable software applications and automatically synchronising everything, with everyone at all times. Let’s even forget the docking station and keep it all wireless.

The point is to achieve that sort of vision the technology has to converge today and players such as Nokia now have to be ‘Connecting People’.

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