Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adobe and Stanza Open Up iPhone to Secure eBooks

The announcement that Stanza will support Adobe’s ACS4 DRM is good news for the wider book industry. It enables PDF Adobe eBooks and epub files to be read on the iPhone platform through Stanza’s market leading free book reader.

It gives Stanza a DRM capability that is widely accepted, secure PDF based and epub files and Adobe a second platform to complement the Sony reader. We don’t believe that it’s the end of the ACS4 expansion into the mobile platform.

Importantly it is a timely shot across the bows of Amazon and comes hot on their 15 minutes of K2 fame this week. It clearly shows an alternative to fortress Amazon and a further home for the Esperanto of ebooks standards epub. It also comes after Google declared their 1.5 million US and 620K worldwide tiles. However it importantly enables many smaller publishers to effect a quick and effective strategy through Adobe ebooks and utilise their PDF files.

Now we just need other mobile platforms to follow Stanza and release secure ebooks to this obvious platform, Adobe and Apple to offer Flash on the mobile platform and both retailers and publishers to now get behind the obvious momentum.

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