Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anything Your Smart Phone Can Do, We can Do Smarter

We wrote only last week about Sony's Idou 12-megapixel camera but it appears that it will be soon joined by a competitor from LG has committed to releasing a smartphone with the same camera specification this year. A 12-megapixel camera phone is likely to generate 3MB files (100 percent quality, 24 bit per pixel) which would be fine for local storage but take time to transfer.

With the clear indication that smartphones will compete head to head with ordinary digital cameras and with no traditional camera entrants such as LG entering the market we could we now see even more sophisticated features such as optical zoom, ISO setting and smart features such as face detection.

The interesting aspect of all this convergence and aggressive mobile competition is understanding what the consumer will expect from the smartphone and what they will expect from a dedicate device or netbook/laptop? A smartphone can phone, text, VOIP, surf the internet, be alert fed, play and record videos, capture images and store a gallery, read and store books, store and play music, interface with the ‘office’ for mail, calendars, tasks, play games, be a calculator, tell the time and date and act as an alarm, provide interactive GPS and mapping etc etc. The list goes on. The longer the list grows the more we realize that it for any standalone device to succeed it will have to offer something special.

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