Sunday, February 01, 2009

February 9th - eReader Day

We have written on Plastic Logic’s ereader which first surfaced at last year’s CES show and has taken a year to market. This is good news as it is clearly aimed at the ailing newsprint and business document market.

We have also reported on the Kindle 2 which is expected to be announced in New York on the 9th February, but what we didn’t expect was that both the K2 launch and the Plastic Logic reader would appear on the same day and in the same city. Yes PL plans to launch their device in New York on 9th February at the Tools of Change conference in New York.

We would ask if this is wise? It certainly will raise the column inches on both announcements but what will consumers make of two potential heavyweight offers squaring up to each other on the same day, in the same city? Bezos will have the consumer eyeballs and PL ,by their choice of venue, the technology attention.

Expect one to talk books and education and the other newsprint and business and the consumer to read about it all via their news alerts and on their iPhone.

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