Friday, November 07, 2008

So Who Would You Place Your Money On?

So how many Kindles, Iliads, Sony and ereader devices have been sold?

Today we read in that Canalys has released market share figures on smartphones that state that 39.9 million were shipped in the third quarter of this year. It certainly put the ereader shipments into perspective and coupled with the earlier statistics on games and gaming devices shows that the ereaders not only have a long way to go but that they may well have nowhere to go in their current form.

Regarding the smartphones the battle has clearly started and although Nokia still lead the race with 38.9 % market share this has fallen 12.5 %, compared to last year. The winners are surprise Apple who are now second with 6.9 million shipments (17.3%). But RIM with its new Blackberry Storm and Lewis Hamilton promotion, plus their new Pearl clamshell, look to make it a tight forth quarter. It truly is becoming as interesting a race as the Brazilian Grand Prix.

On the operating system front Sumbian remains in front, but again Apple and RIM are the second with Microsoft also increasing the number of Windows Mobile handsets shipped by 42%. Then we have the dark horse that is Google and its Android yet to make its mark.

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Anonymous said...

The power of the Iphone is demonstrated once more, we'll see what happens when Android comes into the market.