Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amazon Clouds

As more and more applications are built on the Web, their availability and scalability become critical concerns. Amazon Web Services are now responding to offer a content delivery network (CDN) pay-as-you-go system for delivering content over the cloud. Amazon CloudFront will work alongside Amazon’s other services, such as Amazon S3 enabling users to store content on S3 and deliver it using CloudFront at an affordable rate. Amazon are obviously hoping that this move will build on the success of their Amazon's S3 and E2 online storage and cloud computing and position them to drive down prices.

Amazon users can save their content to S3 and then register them with CloudFront making them easily accessible via applications. Technology outsourcers Capgemini have already committed and have announced support of Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle ERP and application development and testing using Amazon Web Services.

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