Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International iPlayer

Having just got back from Canada my first television moment was to browse BBC’s iPlayer and make a note of those programmes I would have like to have seen will I was away. Therefore it was ironic to read that the BBC Digital Chief Eric Huggers is reported in advanced television.com among other things as now supporting the opening up of the corporation’s highly successful iPlayer to international markets. Means I may be able to watch them whilst I am away which will be a welcome break from that terrible rolling BBC News and CNN News.

"The Internet is, by definition, a global medium, yet today we are artificially blocking international access to the iPlayer. That's a problem, in my mind, and a big challenge for the industry," Huggers said. "I know that bbc.co.uk is the third biggest web property in the country, yet every time I go there I feel completely alone. Instinctively, I know there are other people on the site so the idea is connecting audiences with programming and with each other, embracing that big theme of social media."

The iPlayer service has been a huge success and has served up close to 50 million videos since June on the Virgin Media cable service. Opening it up to the international market will start to change TV worldwide and further project the BBC’s content and value potentially creating cult status on certain programmes and increase BBC Worldwide’s ability to sell more content.

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