Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why Amazon?

The thoughts of a bookseller from the recent BA Conference

Ever wondered why they named themselves Amazon? A river that a twists and turns may be a metaphor for one of the most powerful things ever created… far from meandering, the Amazon of the book world is quietly building empires on its banks, great treasure houses which mortals will only marvel at in generations to come. At a time of the conquistadors when the New World was being discovered and tales of riches abounded, the ancient Inca Aztec and Chibcha civilisations enjoyed their wondrous riches.

Tales of bare-breasted Amazonian women warriors (a myth which gave its name to the river) guarded vast civilisations along the river bank. Today are Amazon lining their chests with bounty before the explorers and eccentrics arrive to colonise them? The thick jungle of misinformation and ignorance surrounding digital content will make the age of discovery a long way off. Meantime, Amazon grows in stature and mighty presence just as the voluminous river is wide and deep and long.

How many more similarities are there?