Thursday, July 02, 2009

There Are 2 Million Free Electronic Books On The Internet

Project Gutenberg has joined forces with The World Public Library and Digital Pulp Publishing, Internet Archive, Baen to promote The Forth World eBook Fair. Two years ago The First World eBook Fairs introduced 1/3 million books, which became a million and a quarter last year and this year tops two million. They expect to have 2 1/2 million by July 4. The contributions come from 100 plus eLibraries including; Project Gutenberg, The World Public Library, The Internet Archive, eBooks About Everything and IMSLP's Music eLibrary.

Michael Hart, Founder of Project Gutenberg and co-Founder of World eBook Fair has ambitious goals of widening the number of devices and programs people can read ebooks on and clearly has his eyes on mobiles. In addition he wants ebooks not just in the top six languages but for the 250 languages with over a million speakers.
The goal of World eBook Fair is to provide free public access for a month to 2 Million eBooks.

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