Monday, July 27, 2009

Apple Tablet To Change Media?

Back in January this year we reported on the rumour that Apple could be developing a killer device - new larger iPod Touch, which we predicted would clearly not only rewrite the notebook world but obliterate the eink readers in a heartbeat. Now that rumour is closer to reality and the Financial Times and others are reporting that Apple is racing to offer a portable tablet-sized media computer in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Forget the 1984 Kindle, Sony and the ever coming Plastic Logic this could be the Walkman and iTunes plus moment for video, TV, Music, Audio and of course ebooks. It will be the same as the step change from black and white TV to colour but with all today's channel offers!

The touch-sensitive computer is predicted to have a full colour, 10 inch screen and have internet connectivity like the iPod Touch with full access to the web and to Apple’s online stores for software and entertainment. It will be coming to market at a time when video streaming is taking off, mucis streaming is hear, downloads could not be easier and importantly for books when market hype is starting to met market demand.

The big question is not whether there is a market demand for such a product aligned to a service such as Apple’s, nor is it about whether Apple will create a great device but on the price and service ties. It will be interesting to see if the service to support the device is tied to an exclusive carrier or open and whether the price can remain low enough to be a ‘no brainer’ for Christmas. If the price can be competitive with the current iPhone and iTouch it certainly will move.

Start saving now, a major media step change is about to happen.

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Chrystal K. said...

I just might want one.