Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Apple Tree Continues to Blossom

The one thing to watch in difficult times is who is making the money and how they are achieving it. When times become easier it is often they who can put their foot down and drive the sectors and the economy.

Apple have announced that in its 3rd fiscal 2009 quarter, which ended on June 30th, the company's year-on-year quarterly revenue rose to $8.34bn together with its net quarterly profit which rose to $1.23bn. The revenue results are up from $7.46bn and $1.07bn in the same quarter last year and profits are up around 15%. What is interesting is that the last quarter profits saw a year on year rise of the same amount.

Apple saw a 4% year on year quarter increase of Mac sales and even though their new 3GS model didn’t launch until the end of the quarter and moved 1 million units in the first weekend, they sold 5.2 million iPhones during the period.

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