Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giving eink a Bad Name?

So you roll over in the early hours of the morning and look at your watch and can instaly see the time , no more squinting and trying to read the luminous dials in the dark. However is that really the ultimate use of eink technology or vanity gone mad?

Phosphor are introducing a line of e-ink watches which look a liitle less Bond and a bit more Thunderbirds without the FAB. The retro-future style is probably clunky to most but will appeal to some and the oversized fit the oversized price ticket of around $200.

The Digital Hour model has two different views, one with huge numerals and another with a circular hour dial. The Phosphor Calendar, tells you the time and a month’s calendar, with day-of-the-week indicator.

Personally we still await the LG wrist phone which has style, functionaly and unfortunately a high price ticket.

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