Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Books That Came In From The Cold

Just published four more ebooks from award winning author Deric Londgen and already selling on Kindle store! So we now have 7 of Deric's book including the award winning BAFTA and EMMY titles that spawned those memorable films 'Lost For Words' staring the late  Dame Thora Hird and Pete Postlewaite and 'wide Eyed and Leggless' or as it was re titled in US 'Diana's Story' staring Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent. 

They join some twelve of Aileen Armitage's romantic historic novels set in and around the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield.

What have we learnt from this small and rewarding exercise so far?

The Kindle platform is where 'the rubber hits the road', both in terms of sales and publishing. Kobo has a better upload process, but sales are tougher.Nook, or Pubit, may now say that they are international, but even today, after they have announced they are to bring Pubit to the UK, they still require a US address and bank account, or want to pay by something called a Cheque and leave you questioning if they do really know their way around outside the US. As for Apple, figuring out their process it just a step to long and its any wonder they get people to bother.

The epub format works best both in presentation and uploading. We tried some PDF files which were a waste of time and native Word when allowed, is native Word! We have one title which we are doing to do some corrections on and demonstrates that proof reading is a must!

The process today is so simple and rewarding it again seriously begs the question why authors aren't demanding their old rights to revert and self publishing their back list titles themselves.

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