Monday, December 10, 2012

Test Your 2012 Digital Knowledge?

Looking back at 2012 we thought a Quiz would be the best to unwind the year and test your memory and that of your collegues.

  1. Name the service launched to capture them young, lock in the parents and build on their Prime service?
  2. Which two technology giants traded patent court victories around the world and dominated the mobile wars?
  3. Which famous source of authoritative information stopped physical publication after 244 years and went digital?
  4. Who launch their online streaming service in the UK and achieved a million subscriptions in just seven months?
  5. Which technology giant and household name failed to react to the mobile and went into bankruptcy?
  6. What travel publisher was swallowed up by Google?
  7. Which bookseller said they couldn't digitally compete and potentially sold out their digital future and customers to Amazon?
  8. What ebook challenge is ‘Powell’s Dilemma’ and who is it named after?
  9. Who created a Newco in forming a technology partnership?
  10. Who said that they were no longer going to sell Amazon Kindles within their chain of stores?
  11. Which self publisher and owner of iUniverse and  Xlibris was itself bought this year by a big 5 trade publisher?
  12. What is the estimated US and UK market shares of the proposed Random House and Penguin merger?
  13. Which speaker service launched an Educational service based on putting the best teachers in front of kids to help teachers engage with them and make subjects interesting?
  14. Which publishers settled with the DOJ over Agency and which decided to fight on?
  15. Who bought Instagram for $1billion?
  16. What company was being taken to court by Capitol Records in a move to stop them reselling digital music and was seen as the first case to challenge the lack of ‘First Sale Doctrine’ on digital files?
  17. Which publisher made the entire ebook offer DRM free and also started to promote competitors titles alongside theirs?
  18. Which start-up launched with a ebook model based on ‘as much as you can eat’ for a monthly subscription?
  19. Which publisher did Amazon buy in June?
  20. What do Amazon, Google, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Starbucks all have in common and Google and Apple share elsewhere?  

    The answers to be published next week.

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Unknown said...

all the quiz are good, it will be fun finding answers to all of them..thanks for sharing

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