Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mobile Moves

Earlier this month we wrote about the Opera web browser being available on Android and how we were impressed with it performance. Now they have gone one better and have submitted it to Apple’s board of censors for iphone app status. The question is whether it will be approved or blocked on the basis that it directly competes with Apple’s own products and services. Opera claim that more than 50 million people worldwide use its range of mobile browsers.

Meanwhile the Palm Pre appears to be at a cross roads with rumours that they may ditch their highly acclaimed Web OS operating system and move to adopt Android. The fuel for the rumours lies in Palm’s inability to penetrate the market and deliver on their hype of twelve months ago. Some would say they should have opened WebOS up as Google did with Andriod and this route if it materialises would make sense but leaves them somewhat out in the cold.

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