Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Plastic Logic an Oxymoron?

Sometimes the wait is too long and by the time that something arrives the world or one’s needs and aspirations have moved on. Imagine being told about the iTouch or iPod 3 years ago and still waiting for them today? Alternatively being sold on the Kindle 2 years ago and still waiting for that single device monochrome screen the wake of the tablet era. Would you still want them today?

The only creature with a gestation period longer than the Plastic Logic Que proReader is an elephant and maybe that’s what it will feel like when it finally arrives. Pre-orders of the $649 and $799 business-focused readers have already sold out and were expected next month but a further delay has now been announced. Would you want one when tablet in full colour with full media capabilities and much more are about to land and at a cheaper cost?

Irrespective of their screen technology they sound to us like Betamax in a VHS world or VHS in today’s world.

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