Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Googleworld Gets Buzzing

Google has launched its Gmail-based social network platform called Google Buzz.
The network will compete head to head with the likes of Facebook and Twitter and of course will be fully connected to everything Google including your movements, thoughts, friends, searches and whatever. Is it me or does Googleworld start to become a little potentially eveil in its reach and knowledge?

Buzz will club the 175 Gmail users together and integrate with Flickr, Google’s YouTube and the various other Google platforms, mobiles and Twitter. You don’t have to leave Google world as the track your every movement and click.

Updates will be flagged directly in the user’s Gmail inbox and profile page and a mobile version of the platform will incorporate location-based services so a user’s update will be tagged with their current location and users will also be able to search for updates from people nearby.

Google is now planning an enterprise version of Buzz, aimed at businesses using its Apps platform.
What do they want to be when they grow up?

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j purdie said...

I doubt if many authors will be signing up for it. :)