Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Google's Tablet A Trick or Treat?

First their was an iPhone then there was a NexusOne, then there was an iPad to be followed by a GogglePad? Steve Jobs has hardly stopped dismissing and denouncing the ‘evil’ one for stepping onto their patch and Google have now fired the return salvo with a tablet mock up video on YouTube.

The mockups, posted on Google's Chromium Web site, depict a multi tasking device with an on-screen keyboard and a touch screen. There are many internet rumours that Google has been working with the Nexus One builder, HTC and rumours that the work has been halted. Who do you believe in this high tech world of spin and counter pin?

Irrespective we may now face the challenge of Apples app SDK approach with strict control of hardware, connectivity, software and applications in one vertical Appleworld versus Google’s open source, open platform, multi manufacturer Googleworld and cloud. Personally we still prefer the wonderous insights given last week by Pranav Mistry

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